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{June 21, 2014}   Ziglar’s Wheel of Life

I agree, spirituality is core.

A Bodey in Motion

How many times have I referenced the Wheel, and yet I’ve never really explained it or why I value it so much.*
Ziglar’s Wheel reminds us of the importance of leading a balanced life. Seven categories, all valuable and all needing a portion of our attention. You can’t spend too much of your time in just one area without repercussions. Ignore any one category entirely, and be prepared to suffer loss well beyond it.

Think of each area of the Wheel as the sides of a container – like a barrel or a cistern – that you’re trying to fill. You’re going to find capacity limited to the height of the side that you’ve built up the least. And if you spend no time building up any one category, you won’t be able to fill it at all, no matter how tall the remaining sides are.

Now, at the risk…

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{June 18, 2014}   Mpeketoni Ni Ya Walamu Milele

Uchunguzi Online

There is one half of Kenya which the other half is unaware of – a quote from The NFD book ” – by Negley Farson

The same literally applies to Mpeketoni, a division of Lamu County whose current population is edging on close to 50,000. For every 1 Kenyan who is aware of the origins and current status of Mpeketoni, there are 50 others who are not. It is these 50 Kenyans that we want to bring to their attention some startling facts about Mpeketoni Division.
Mpeketoni owed its name to an admixture of Swahili (mpe meaning give one) and English (carton) whence was coined the name: mpe katoni.

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{February 25, 2014}   Taratibu…

I am going through a moment where I feel like I have just stepped on an explosive. Things are not working out well. There are screams left, right and center and I feel like I ended up at a Halloween party thinking it was a Christmas party. I want to scream!

Fact is, the world in which I seek to undo the mistakes that were made is different from the world in which the mistakes were made hence by being reflective, I am finding myself in a place removed from the current realities of life.

Things need to change and at times its getting so overwhelming I don’t even know where to start. I feel like standing still and watching from afar – but I cannot afford that laxity.

They say to whom much is given much is expected. Right. I am not afraid of going slowly, but of standing still. There is no progression in standing still and that is not an option for me.

I have to begin with little efforts that’ll add on to make a big difference later – this is my goal. I need to remind me of this daily.

I know that the extinction of all reality is a concept no resignation can encompass; all plans are eventually exposed for what they really are.

So as they say in Tanzania “Taratibu…” meaning take it easy…this is what I resort to do. Rome was not built in a day.

{January 7, 2014}   Giving and Receiving

“…for it is in giving that we receive,  in dying that we live, and in being a blessing that we are blessed.”

When I think of various months in the year, each somehow has a word description from me;

January – new beginnings
February – month of Love
April – Easter eggs 🙂
June – month of growth
July – month of luck
December – month of giving and receiving

In retrospective,  even as young as three years of age,  I would always look forward to December. I loved to receive gifts. Every year our parents would get us two outfits as a gift, and being a little girl, what a more pleasurable moment than when receiving girlie gifts and getting all dolled up.

For many of my younger years, I enjoyed the happiness and excitement that came with receiving gifts of all nature, but as time  passed by, I grew older and wiser and learnt the enormous joy that comes with giving as well.

At Christmas,  our family of six would each buy a present for everyone and on the eve of Christmas,  we’d put all our wrapped gifts under the decorated Christmas tree, anxious for the morning to come to give our gifts and receive from others. Oh! Such joyous moments. The big Christmas breakfast with everyone in their pajamas excited and exchanging Christmas pleasantries was overwhelming. There is definitely something about giving!

When you give from the depth of your heart, you the giver enjoy an intense joy, especially when you give not so much that you may receive something in return, but because you truly want to give.

This year,  let us make it about giving; purposely and anonymously; be it a small gift or a big gift, to the privileged or under privileged,  to a loved one or a
not-so-loved one; giving a gift has the same effect, Joy to the giver and receiver.

Give your love, give your time, give your shoulder to cry on, and a listening ear. Give a warm hug and a full sincere smile. Give with a cheerful heart.

When you give without expectations, you’ll receive without limitation.

Happy 2014!

If you want to grow, you will have to change. As you go through change, you will face fear.

The decision to grow always involves a choice between risk and comfort. You have to make a choice.

Every journey has a beginning, middle and an end; when you’re in the middle, you cannot see what the end will be. You can only plan and hope that your forecast of the future shall turn out as planned.

Each of us has something inside of us that tells us there is more to life than sitting in the boat. I believe we were made for something more than merely avoiding failure; something inside of us wants to walk on water, to leave our comfort zone, to let go and do something great, something worthy – but we’re afraid; fear has a tight hold on us regarding the unknown.

Leaving your boat may be the hardest thing you will ever do, but to walk on water, you have to leave your boat – your comfort zone. Growth and fear are like macaroni and cheese. It is no guarantee it shall be easier outside the boat – it is likely not going to be; you shall face challenges, but neither is it a guarantee it shall be safer in the boat. Life has no guarantees, each decision has it positives and negatives.

If you remain in the boat-whatever your boat is in this case, you face the risk of boredom and stagnation whilst if you get out of the boat, a storm might hit you. Everything is risky. Take calculated risks guided by God and not controlled by fear. When we worry about things, it is a violation and doubt of God’s authority and capability over our lives.

Here is the truth about getting out of the boat and walking on water – the fear of sinking will never go away. Why? Because each time you want to grow, it will involve you going into new territory, taking on new challenges, and each time you do that, you shall experience fear again. The worst failure is not sinking; the worst failure is to never get out of the boat. Not to try. Because failure does not shape you, the way you respond to failure shapes you.

Whether you sink or walk on water depends on what you put your focus on. If you focus on the storm, it shall take you in, if you focus on God, you dependence on faith will grow, and your willingness to risk failure will help you grow into your success.

We are made to grow, to give our lives to something; we love to be around growth.

Between today and your last day, you will give yourself to something. May it be worthy. 

{November 13, 2013}   What a mess!

Oh! What a mess I’ve made.

I long to run away from myself – to change the environment
Just so as to forget.
But the thoughts come along uninvited,
with no chance of them to leave.

I’m undergoing an open character surgery,
with no anesthesia injected.
Left in clear view of every decadent bit removed within me,
In a bid to cleanse me from within.

Oh! What a mess I’ve made.

Messing up – its what makes a person,
its how we learn how to and how not to,
how we find joy in the things we don’t plan for –
things we never see coming.

Everyone, like the moon, has a dark side to them.
When the light is lit on, its ashamedly shameful.

May we find comfort not in those that judge,
But in God who leads us along the the road less travelled.

Single For 1 With The Duke


No compromise


The better you know yourself, the more you should begin to realize that you should not settle, no matter how long you’ve been waiting for the 1.


It doesn’t take away your occasional frustration with the opposite sex, but if you know you’re ready for the 1, then you’re already more than half way there.


It takes 2, so if you are ready, that only means you need 1 more party to make 2.


With that being said, that 1 person must also bring their best.

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{October 6, 2013}   Renewal

When life has lost its lustre
and its filled with dull routine,
When you long to run away from it,
seeking pastures new and green,
Remember,  no one runs away from life
without finding when they do
That you can’t escape the thoughts you think
that are pressing down on you-

For though the scenery may be different,
its the same old heart and mind
And the same old restless longings that
you tried to leave behind…
So when your heart is heavy
and your day is dull with care,
instead of trying to escape,
why not withdraw in prayer?

For in prayer there is renewal
of the spirit,  mind and heart,
For everything is lifted up
in which God has a part-
For when we go to God in prayer,
our thoughts are rearranged,
So even though our problems
have not been solved or changed,
Somehow the good Lord gives us
the power to understand
That He who holds tomorrow
is the One who holds our hands.

{September 3, 2013}   The Prayer of Peace

Our Father up in Heaven, 
hear this fervent prayer –
May the people of all nations
be united in Thy care…
For earth’s peace and man’s salvation
can only come by Thy grace
And not through bombs and missiles
and our quest for outer space…
For until all men recognise
that the battle is the Lord’s
And peace on earth cannot be won
with strategy and swords,
we will go on vainly fighting
as we have in ages past,
Finding only empty victories
and a peace that cannot last…
But we’ve grown so rich and mighty
and so arrogantly strong
We no longer ask in humbleness-
God, show us where we’re wrong.
We have come to trust completely
in the power of manmade things,
Unmindful of God’s mighty power
and that He is the King of Kings.
We have turned our eyes our from Him
to go our selfish way,
And money, power and pleasure
are the gods we serve today…
And what the good green earth God gave us
to peacefully enjoy
Through greed and fear and hatred
we are seeking to destroy.
Oh Father up in heaven,
stir and wake our sleeping souls,
Renew our faith and lift us up
and give us higher goals,
And grant us heavenly guidance
as war threatens us again-
For more than guided missiles,
all the world needs is guided men.

et cetera
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