Isa – a – belle

{October 6, 2013}   Renewal

When life has lost its lustre
and its filled with dull routine,
When you long to run away from it,
seeking pastures new and green,
Remember,  no one runs away from life
without finding when they do
That you can’t escape the thoughts you think
that are pressing down on you-

For though the scenery may be different,
its the same old heart and mind
And the same old restless longings that
you tried to leave behind…
So when your heart is heavy
and your day is dull with care,
instead of trying to escape,
why not withdraw in prayer?

For in prayer there is renewal
of the spirit,  mind and heart,
For everything is lifted up
in which God has a part-
For when we go to God in prayer,
our thoughts are rearranged,
So even though our problems
have not been solved or changed,
Somehow the good Lord gives us
the power to understand
That He who holds tomorrow
is the One who holds our hands.


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