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{October 6, 2013}   Renewal

When life has lost its lustre
and its filled with dull routine,
When you long to run away from it,
seeking pastures new and green,
Remember,  no one runs away from life
without finding when they do
That you can’t escape the thoughts you think
that are pressing down on you-

For though the scenery may be different,
its the same old heart and mind
And the same old restless longings that
you tried to leave behind…
So when your heart is heavy
and your day is dull with care,
instead of trying to escape,
why not withdraw in prayer?

For in prayer there is renewal
of the spirit,  mind and heart,
For everything is lifted up
in which God has a part-
For when we go to God in prayer,
our thoughts are rearranged,
So even though our problems
have not been solved or changed,
Somehow the good Lord gives us
the power to understand
That He who holds tomorrow
is the One who holds our hands.


{May 11, 2012}   Three in One

The Trinity; many of us don’t have a clear understanding of this bond, I being one of the ‘us’. It is however one of the many questions I shall seek to get revelation to, when the time comes. For now, I try to understand it just enough to clear the ambiguity.

Take water for example, its chemical components can be evident in various forms; vapor, ice and liquid. Yet in all these forms, it remains water.

An egg; it has three aspects of it, the outer shell, the white and the yolk. All the while, it remains an egg.

A woman, she is capable of carrying various titles; wife, mother, friend, daughter. In all this, she remains herself.

In the same breadth, God is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and He remains as God. We cannot separate the bond. They are 3 forms in 1, each in relation with the other.

Vapor is no less water if you can’t touch it, as a woman is no less a mother if you don’t view her as one.

We are expected to relate to each of these separate items that make the one and are one, in totality and in their specific elements at that specific moment.

There are times you shall speak to the woman as a mother, other times as a friend, other times as a wife, yet in that same moment, she is all those personas in one. In the same way, there are times we speak to God as our Father, as the Son and other times as the Holy Spirit; however, in each instance, He remains to be God.

A friend broke its mystery to me and said, if we were to look at life from the inside of a straw, we would have a very narrow view of life, yet that’s all we’d know to be life. Depending on our capabilities, the straw could be expanded and we’d see even more. However, we may not be able to handle the reality of life if it were altogether torn open for us to see. We wouldn’t be able to understand leave alone cope.

For such a reason as this, God doesn’t reveal everything to us; as per our capacity and His purpose for us, He makes everything beautiful in His time. We already have the universe and all the surrounding planets, yet that in itself is a lot to grasp and digest in our minds, what if He made Himself fully known to man? Would we handle that?

As we walk through this God given life, let us continually seek to fit into God’s designed plan for our lives. Our purpose.

{September 14, 2011}   Cheap Grace

I am certain that this topic GRACE is not unfamiliar; many of us mention it in our day to day lives, in our songs, names, but only a few grasp the depth of it.

One Sunday, my pastor mentioned it in his sermon and said something to the tune of how we don’t deserve grace, but we have it anyway; from then on I was hooked!

Then I went on to remember that I do have a book entitled “What’s so amazing about grace” Phillip Yancey. Please note that this book is not new to my library, I have had it for a while now – but it’s one amongst many that adds to the pile in my library, depicting of my extensive readership, yet if only the books could speak!

Nonetheless, I pick up this book and it’s like my eyes are opened a new. Suddenly, I can’t wait for lunch time to get a chance to read it – as I take advantage of the 1 hour lunch break that my employer is ‘so kind to offer’, yet I often pass over; but not this time, no – I got to figure out what is so amazing about this grace?

I have read quite a bit of the book – my mind is still in staccato about ‘grace’. But here is something interesting I read “The only man who has a right to say he is justified by grace alone is the man who has left all to follow Christ. Such a one knows the cost of the call to discipleship and that it is only by grace that he can sustain it.  Only when the call and the response are the data can grace be the sum.  THUS THE CALL IS INSEPARABLE FROM GRACE.” Clark, John J

The author goes on to say that “Instead, the majority of men and women try to use this concept of grace as data to arrive at the sum which reads: “excused from sacrificial effort given the impossibility of the task.”  Where scripture sees true grace as the provision of God that makes up for our failure after we have done all we could to follow Him — the carnal minded have used it to excuse themselves from expending much effort at all – this is what I call “CHEAP GRACE”. Clark, John J

Don’t worry if you have to re-read the last 2 paragraphs…I did too 🙂 and still am…

 My friends, I have been trying to figure out grace – then I come along cheap grace! Now, which have I been applying in my life? Could what I have often been referring as grace been cheap grace after all?

We are justified by Grace

et cetera
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