Isa – a – belle

{November 13, 2013}   What a mess!

Oh! What a mess I’ve made.

I long to run away from myself – to change the environment
Just so as to forget.
But the thoughts come along uninvited,
with no chance of them to leave.

I’m undergoing an open character surgery,
with no anesthesia injected.
Left in clear view of every decadent bit removed within me,
In a bid to cleanse me from within.

Oh! What a mess I’ve made.

Messing up – its what makes a person,
its how we learn how to and how not to,
how we find joy in the things we don’t plan for –
things we never see coming.

Everyone, like the moon, has a dark side to them.
When the light is lit on, its ashamedly shameful.

May we find comfort not in those that judge,
But in God who leads us along the the road less travelled.


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