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If you want to grow, you will have to change. As you go through change, you will face fear.

The decision to grow always involves a choice between risk and comfort. You have to make a choice.

Every journey has a beginning, middle and an end; when you’re in the middle, you cannot see what the end will be. You can only plan and hope that your forecast of the future shall turn out as planned.

Each of us has something inside of us that tells us there is more to life than sitting in the boat. I believe we were made for something more than merely avoiding failure; something inside of us wants to walk on water, to leave our comfort zone, to let go and do something great, something worthy – but we’re afraid; fear has a tight hold on us regarding the unknown.

Leaving your boat may be the hardest thing you will ever do, but to walk on water, you have to leave your boat – your comfort zone. Growth and fear are like macaroni and cheese. It is no guarantee it shall be easier outside the boat – it is likely not going to be; you shall face challenges, but neither is it a guarantee it shall be safer in the boat. Life has no guarantees, each decision has it positives and negatives.

If you remain in the boat-whatever your boat is in this case, you face the risk of boredom and stagnation whilst if you get out of the boat, a storm might hit you. Everything is risky. Take calculated risks guided by God and not controlled by fear. When we worry about things, it is a violation and doubt of God’s authority and capability over our lives.

Here is the truth about getting out of the boat and walking on water – the fear of sinking will never go away. Why? Because each time you want to grow, it will involve you going into new territory, taking on new challenges, and each time you do that, you shall experience fear again. The worst failure is not sinking; the worst failure is to never get out of the boat. Not to try. Because failure does not shape you, the way you respond to failure shapes you.

Whether you sink or walk on water depends on what you put your focus on. If you focus on the storm, it shall take you in, if you focus on God, you dependence on faith will grow, and your willingness to risk failure will help you grow into your success.

We are made to grow, to give our lives to something; we love to be around growth.

Between today and your last day, you will give yourself to something. May it be worthy. 


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