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{October 6, 2013}   Renewal

When life has lost its lustre
and its filled with dull routine,
When you long to run away from it,
seeking pastures new and green,
Remember,  no one runs away from life
without finding when they do
That you can’t escape the thoughts you think
that are pressing down on you-

For though the scenery may be different,
its the same old heart and mind
And the same old restless longings that
you tried to leave behind…
So when your heart is heavy
and your day is dull with care,
instead of trying to escape,
why not withdraw in prayer?

For in prayer there is renewal
of the spirit,  mind and heart,
For everything is lifted up
in which God has a part-
For when we go to God in prayer,
our thoughts are rearranged,
So even though our problems
have not been solved or changed,
Somehow the good Lord gives us
the power to understand
That He who holds tomorrow
is the One who holds our hands.


{May 3, 2012}   CrossRoad

Every so often in life, we all reach at a crossroad; we wonder which direction to take; north, south, east or west or anything in between.

Each of those roads will lead to a different place, different experiences, different results; we can’t afford to be haphazard in deciding the route to take; it’s dicey.

I am at one of those crossroads in life right now; only thing, I can’t move forward, not until I am clear on where I’m supposed to go, not particularly where I want to go.

You see, like each one of us, I have a purpose; therefore, the choice of my direction is directly proportional to my purpose. Unfortunately, for one reason or another – my fault, I have a vague outlook on my purpose. I however hope it’s clear soon…I need to move, the crossroad is uncomfortable. It’s got nothing to do with me; my maker has the whistle on this one.

What do we do when all life keeps handing us, is numerous options; if A doesn’t work, try B, if not, keep trying up to Z, then come back to A.

Many a times we get overwhelmed and carried away in the moment, that we don’t bother to try so hard, because there is another option, a way out. If I take North, I can go all the way, if I feel it is not the route I should have taken, I turn back and take East; had we only taken more time to scrutinize.

I however acknowledge that this is an ignorant way to live, and yes I am guilty every so often. We were created by God, for God, hence I say, it’s nothing to do with me, it’s all about Him; and He promises that he knows the plans He has for us, plans only for goodness.

As it has resonated in me, may it also resonate in you, that we don’t call the shots; we are products of our maker’s creative mind. He holds the steering in our live’s and even when we think we do, we don’t.

He knows when we should up and leave or stay put and forge on; if only we were in sync more often,then we wouldn’t need to keep stopping at crossroads, we would know His heartbeat, we’d be in sync, smile and forge ahead knowing only so well, that we are on the same page.

For now, I find hope in the fact that nothing in my life is arbitrary, it’s all for a purpose, and that purpose I seek daily to unfold to its fullness.

{March 1, 2012}   Paint Your Story…

Have you ever wondered what picture you paint as you walk through this life’s journey? More importantly, how do you paint it? What is your story? Do you like your story? What high and low moments in life have contributed to the YOU that you are today?

I recently read Donald Miller’s blog post on ‘The Power of Knowing Your Story’ and as if expected, it grabbed me. Rarely would I participate in exercises as he suggested, but this one stirred in my heart for a try, and no doubt, Life does become clearer when you understand your story!

Imagine walking through life’s journey and each item that you are clothed in represents issues that cover up the real you, some so old that they have almost falsely become you. Now, as you walk, just for this minute, imagine letting go of each item; of your expectations of yourself, others expectations of you, fear of the unknown, desire to please others; let go item by item, getting lighter each step of the way.

Now, void of all the issues, way much lighter, go ahead and freely and honestly paint the beautiful things that dwell deep within your heart; your dreams and desires, your picture of how you think things should be, how your life should unfold, what makes you happy, what you would REALLY like to do, whom you would love to be with as a partner, where you’d like to go, how you would like to get things done. Paint the greatness within you in all areas of your life, exempt of the known or unknown desires to know what people think; this is for you, even if for a moment.

Now reflect at your picture.

What did you paint?

How did you paint?

Do you like your painting?

Can you live it? What can you change from as where you are now?

How great it would be if we could actively be drawn in, in painting the picture of our lives, to know our life’s story and understand why things are as they are; to attempt to understand why what happened, happened and to see the connection between the hardships we have faced in life with the goodness that may have resulted, contributing to who we are today, making us stronger and hopefully better.

I believe that when we know our story, the important milestones that have contributed to who we are today, then, we’re a step ahead in the understanding of ourselves. We are better placed in determining our reactions to actions that will occur ahead in life, and we will be able to wisely determine our course of action.

Go ahead, paint your picture, know your story…

et cetera
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