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{January 7, 2014}   Giving and Receiving

“…for it is in giving that we receive,  in dying that we live, and in being a blessing that we are blessed.”

When I think of various months in the year, each somehow has a word description from me;

January – new beginnings
February – month of Love
April – Easter eggs 🙂
June – month of growth
July – month of luck
December – month of giving and receiving

In retrospective,  even as young as three years of age,  I would always look forward to December. I loved to receive gifts. Every year our parents would get us two outfits as a gift, and being a little girl, what a more pleasurable moment than when receiving girlie gifts and getting all dolled up.

For many of my younger years, I enjoyed the happiness and excitement that came with receiving gifts of all nature, but as time  passed by, I grew older and wiser and learnt the enormous joy that comes with giving as well.

At Christmas,  our family of six would each buy a present for everyone and on the eve of Christmas,  we’d put all our wrapped gifts under the decorated Christmas tree, anxious for the morning to come to give our gifts and receive from others. Oh! Such joyous moments. The big Christmas breakfast with everyone in their pajamas excited and exchanging Christmas pleasantries was overwhelming. There is definitely something about giving!

When you give from the depth of your heart, you the giver enjoy an intense joy, especially when you give not so much that you may receive something in return, but because you truly want to give.

This year,  let us make it about giving; purposely and anonymously; be it a small gift or a big gift, to the privileged or under privileged,  to a loved one or a
not-so-loved one; giving a gift has the same effect, Joy to the giver and receiver.

Give your love, give your time, give your shoulder to cry on, and a listening ear. Give a warm hug and a full sincere smile. Give with a cheerful heart.

When you give without expectations, you’ll receive without limitation.

Happy 2014!


{March 12, 2013}   The man in my dreams…

He just popped up!

He looked almost as perfect as I wished him to be in my earlier more naive days when I thought I could get him all tall, dark, cool eyed, proportional handsome faced, lean, confident and a gentleman.

This time, he was not more than two inches taller than I, about 5’9 meaning if I wore my 5 inch heels, I’d be looking down at him. He was a shade lighter than the ‘dark’ I used to envision, lean- he looked like he made a conscious effort, and attractive. I couldn’t put a finger to it but he grabbed me. Must have been his eyes, they had a darkness to them that was magnetic; our eyes connected.

It was the last day of the banking conference and being the big shot he seemed to be, he had stopped to address a few people. I was walking in the direction he was headed, only, he had stopped and turned to make his short address; that’s when our eyes locked. My brain and body registered his presence and internally communicated causing discomfort. Darn! He wasn’t a sore sight to the eyes! As I walked past him, I acknowledged his smile and fixated look at me, with my unconscious shy smile, hoping my internal combat didn’t leave external evidence.

Few steps after passing him and his wondering crowd, I slowly turned my head over my shoulder to have one more look; I caught his stare and knowingly smiled back at him as my heart skipped a beat. I gracefully turned forward as I recorded the event in the ‘to be remembered’ folder in my brain.

I smiled to myself as I walked on, not imagining I would see him again, but pleased to have had a trifling mind and body experience. I love being a woman! I thought to myself as my inner girl danced herself silly…


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